EXALTA For YOU is a “TURNKEY” service for research into and personalisation of beauty products. You think of a certain product (hairdryer, cutting implements, plate, etc.) and we will find it for you at the best price, personalise its graphics with your brand, design the packaging with you, and personally carry out the entire procedure up to the point of delivery.


It could not be easier.
Lastly, to guarantee you maximum quality at all times, we provide a 1-year WARRANTY and ASSISTANCE with the free replacement of defective products.


H O W   I T   W O R K S




You require a product for your business that has certain characteristics (colour, power, design, etc.).




We find it for you at the best price and show you a sample to be checked and approved.




With your approval, we personalise the product with your official logo...




...and design the best packaging for you.




Lastly, we deliver the finished product with a one-year warranty and free replacement of the defective product.

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